My virtual intensives are designed to help you grow your business by leading with value and creating strategies that work for YOU.

Choose from a focus on value-centered content marketing or value-centered sales.


Here’s the deal…

The first step to true success is creating a strategic plan and seeing it through. That means committing to both visibility and value within your business.

Have you been struggling to create content, uncertain how to reach your audience, and unable to commit to putting yourself out there? This intensive was built for you.


Are you ready to:

  • overcome blocks holding you back in your business and create visibility + momentum?
  • create a content and visibility strategy to support you and your growth?
  • know exactly what you need to do to build your tribe and your list and your business?

Value Based Content Marketing has allowed me to build a six-figure business and create my own lit up life.

My single most important asset? The valuable content I create and share, giving my audience the chance to know, like, and trust me.

This intensive will guide you through your own content-creation process, allowing you to reach your audience and show them your value as a service provider.


I’ll walk you through my Value-Centered Content Marketing Process, where you’ll:

  • dig deep and get crystal-clear on your message
  • hone in on who your ideal client is and how you can best serve & connect with them
  • identify how to best communicate your value and share your message
  • learn how to begin marketing yourself consistently & confidently
  • create a 25-week content plan, unique content categories, and time-saving strategies for repurposing and organizing your content
  • master your pitch and learn how to sell content in a way that feels GOOD

Together, we’ll GET CLEAR on your message so you can get VISIBLE and start attracting the RIGHT CLIENTS.

includes two hour intensive plus 1 week email support

Kelita Kellman

Working with Lacey to create my content plan completely blew my mind. We able to create 6+ months of content together and it also allowed me to spark even more content ideas that if left to do on my own would have taken much much longer. The content plan she helped me create was amazing and will make my work a lot easier in the upcoming months!

Lacey was able to help me completely rethink the way I think about content. I was struggling to continually find inspiration to share my message online, but through working together, she helped me plan 25 weeks work of content. She helped me break down my message into categories that make it so much easier for me to draw specific inspiration from. Now when I look at my marketing, I don’t feel overwhelmed but rather excited to share my message. Lacey was so patient and understanding, and she really knows how to simplify marketing. I felt completely supported and highly recommend working with her!

Sherry Elle



Sales can be a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be!

As a coach and a service provider, you have a responsibility to sell from a place of value, empowerment, and integrity — not limitation, bullying or pressuring.

It’s entirely possible to have high conversion rates without feeling sleazy or pushy – I’ll show you how.


Are you ready to:

  • convert your discovery calls into paying clients that grow your business?
  • ditch the fear of sounding sleazy and be confident in the value you provide?
  • generate more sales in a way that feels great to you and your potential client?
  • drop your stress over discovery calls and skyrocket your confidence?

In this intensive I’ll walk you through my Value-Centered Sales® process where you’ll learn:

  • the ins and outs of conducting a sales call in a way that feels good — to both you and your potential client
  • how to set up your discovery call process and deliver value before, during, and after
  • what questions to ask before and during your call
  • how to ask for the sale {without sounding sleazy}, close with ease, and what steps to take next
  • how to get the right people on the phone and use your discovery calls to develop meaningful connections
  • methods for staying true to your value and integrity throughout the sales process, regardless of whether you get a yes or a no

By the end of this intensive you’ll know exactly how to nail your discovery calls. We’ll even do practice calls together, so you can hone your skills!

This is the same system I personally use in my own practice.

Through Value-Centered Sales® I sold out my coaching practice in less than 6 months (and I’ve KEPT it sold out!) with a conversion rate between 85-90%.

Yes, seriously!

I’ve had so many clients who hated selling before we worked together, and now getting on a discovery call lights them up! If you want a similar story, it’s time to learn how to frame your sales around value and integrity.

includes two hour intensive plus 1 week email support

Mariana Ruiz

Before working with Lacey on Value Centered Sales™ I was frozen every time I would get on the phone with potential clients. I knew what to do but I was not sure how I could do it in a way that felt good to me and was in alignment with my values. Thanks to the work I did with Lacey, I have been able to close clients without feeling sleazy and increased my close rate from less than 10% to 80%. More than just the numbers, I now feel 100% comfortable on sales calls and can have an open conversation with prospects to see if they are a good fit for ME as well.

Are you ready to totally transform your business (and life!)?